The song I decided to choose is No Doubt’s Just a Girl. As I mentioned before, this song resonated with me as a strong, feminist anthem. It was early in the 1990’s when an underground feminist punk movement called Riot Grrl came to be. It protested the anger and discomfort women face; and furthermore their perception in society. In 1995, Gwen Stefani used Just a Girl to publicly speak of her own frustrations as a female. I felt myself being able to connect with the lyrics, and I thought many others identify with them as well.

Although this songs music style fell into a more pop genre (for her band, and the Riot Grrl style), we still get the same message. You can see in the music video as Gwen yells at the camera: “Oh I’m just a girl, my apologies / What I’ve become is so burdensome / Oh I’m just a girl, lucky me”. These lyrics speak the same language as those in the Riot Grrl era. The tone of voice remains assertive, sarcastic- and pivotal in translating its message.

I hope that by learning more about this Riot Grrl genre/era I can see where No Doubt’s inspiration may have stemmed from. Furthermore, I hope to understand the impact this era had on the 90’s. And additionally, how it spilled into todays pop music. I think the RG genre has a history worth delving deeply into. And based off my research thus far, I think there are many parallels with Just a Girl and this Riot Grrl style.

As a proud feminist, I am very excited to learn more about this song and its era. In addition, I hope to find more interviews with Stefani as she explains where this idea came from. All in all, I am looking forward to listening to this song more- unwinding it’s deeper meanings. In a world in which we are still fighting for equality, I think this message can speak volumes. As of now, I have not faced any major concerns regarding this project. I have never produced a podcast before, so I am looking forward to experimenting!

– Caroline