Song # 1 Waiting on the World to change

I chose this song because its message is very transparent. John Mayer talks about very real topics such as the horrors of war, the problems of big buissness owning the world, and how we see all this but feel powerless to stop it. We are just waiting on the world to change. The song has an upbeat guitar melody. I chose this song especially because I think everyone, especially myself have said to themselves one time or another how we just wish the world just different. It’s a song that is very easy to identify with through either the instrumental aspect and the lyrics. There is no one real social problem that the song is tackling as it gives a more overview type style of the mass injustices that there are. I chose this song specifically because it is a song that makes me reflect on how it came out in 2006, yet all the topics mentioned through the song are still relevant in 2021. To me this song is a reflection of the world, there is always something to be waiting for, people to come home, war to end, to get real information from the media, etc. The song reverberates with the pop genre, having you sing along to all the lines but also leaves you thinking, damn if only the world really was different. 


Song 2 1-800-273-8255

The reason that I chose “1-800-273-8255” by Logic is because it is another song that I dont just get lost in. It is a song that makes me feel something exponentially. I am unsure how much mental health stigma is considered social justice, but to me it is a very real topic that doesnt get talked about enough. The song itself only dives into mental health and suicide but the music video also delvs into LGTBQ+ bullying and homophobia as well as mental health and suicide. The music video follows the narrative of an African American teen boy figuring out his sexuality. He is misunderstood by his family, bullied by his peers and left with no place to belong, however he gets the help he needs, talking about his insecurities and problems he’s facing. It is a very powerful message to never conform to be something you’re not. Be you. 

The topic of mental health that has always affected me deeply as I have had my own battles with severe depression. When this song came out it helped me personally work through my own problems. Speaking out about mental health and how it needs to be something you can talk about, and that message is very evident in the song. It shows characteristics of the hip/hop genre through a catchy beat with fast paced lyrics, but he alaso breaks that by singing lines instead of rapping them, and has soulful backup singers. I think mental health is a sort of self injustice, many people will put you down for having “problems” and not listen or understand you making it harder for you to feel positive about yourself or your image. I think using a platform to talk about it can be a big step towards making a change in being upfront about issues like mental health. 



I don’t have any concerns from a technical aspect, just maybe finding the right words that I want to say. I feel very strongly about the topic that I chose so I don’t want to get to involved but also be involved. However I know ill find it but it will take some planning and storyboarding if you will. I took podcasting with Steve Hammer so I am fine with audio so thats no problem. I look forward to starting the project and delving even deeper.