The first song that I am choosing for my project proposal is “Follow Your Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves. I chose this song because I want to find a social justice song that was not found in the genre of Rap/Hip-Hop like it is assumed to be. This country song is powerful and hits on many different issues our country and many others face everyday. I think this song takes an interesting angle on addressing social issues because of the way it is delivered casually throughout the entire song. In picking this song, I think I will face a few minor challenges because it does not specially go on to identify one social issue. 

Musgraves song touches on multiple issues such as mental illness, sexual orientation, and physical abilities. These indicated through the controdicary her song gives to bring meaning. The advantage of having so many different issues presented is that I will be able to research more and have the ability to go into detail about how this song is such a great representation of an untraditional protest song. Musgraves sets up an excellent conversation for a younger audience as well because a lot of the issues she sings about are ones that the younger generation faces everyday through the influence of social media. 

Typically, country artists write songs that involve heartbreak or feel good music but it is a rarity to find a country song that attacks a universal dilemma. This song connects towards the modern day issues of mental illness the most and relevant inconveniences. I am able to appreciate and connect more towards this song rather than one that is performed about racial inequality. I myself have dealt with a lot of the problems she sings about which makes it even more important for me to discuss in a podcast. Mental health awareness and the effects social media has on my generation is something I am very passionate about and have researched for previous projects during my time here at Saint Joseph’s University. 

The second song option that I have chosen is “Praying” by Kesha. I don’t only love this song but it is extremely powerful and discusses a typically avoid topic of conversation. Kesha wrote this song about her own personal experience of dealing with physical and mental abuse. The trauma that she suffered allowed her to release an impactful song for those who are seeking help. I found this song interesting to research because of how often rape culture is swept under the rug. This social issue is something that more recently has been getting more recognition of how horrific and common it is in our society. The most challenging aspect of pursuing this song for a potential podcast is that it might be triggering and a tough subject to discuss. 

I believe that this would be a great way to raise more awareness to the issue and how important it is to talk about. Kesha is protesting against and bringing light to how damaging mental and physical abuse is on an individual. In researching this topic I think that I will find more personal stories rather than statistical research. I think that it will be appropriate to take this route of research because it will be a raw explanation of how real this unfortunate issue is. 

Kesha is a pop artist whose songs are usually upbeat but this one takes a deeper turn on her commonly known platform. The genre of pop is the most frequently listened to because of its lively demeanor and catchy beats so this song is one that is typically not found in the genre itself. This issue is one that has been going on for decades and is still relevant to this day. This song also hits close to home as I have battled these demons in the past and I am passionate about the importance of this discussion in hopes that can help someone else that is suffering in silence. The issue that i foresee for this project is creating the podcast itself and being able to navigate the equipment. I will be able to execute this assignment with the necessary tools and information but will only struggle with the technology. 


Kacey Musgrave- Follow Your Arrow

Kesha- Praying