The two songs I’m considering for my podcast admission are “I’d Love It If We Made It” by the 1975 and “Dear Society” by Madison Beer.

Song #1: “I’d Love It If We Made It”

My interest in the band the 1975 started from a young age, with their controversial music and their outrageous performances. Their song “I’d Love It If We Made It” gets my attention the most because it talks about social problems that have been present through history, including Donald Trump’s presidency and money’s power over society. The song as a whole mentions multiple social problems in society such as racism and misogyny.

The lyrics aren’t too transparent, so the analysis of the lyrics is going to be a little challenging, but they’re very literal which will make it all come together nicely. The lyrics mention a lot of specific stereotypes and examples like drugs, African American stereotypes and racism. For these reasons I believe the song will lead me down a whole of all of their songs to look for other deeper meanings in catchy pop songs. Because the 1975 have songs that follow the pop music style, it’s easy to forget that some of the lyrics are about some serious things happening in society, but for those who not only dance to the songs, but also read and understand the lyrics it’s interesting to dance to a song about social problems, which makes it interesting.

Song #2: “Dear Society”

Madison Beer’s “Dear Society” has been a song that I’ve considered very interesting and relevant to how society grooms and abuses of young adults and teenagers. Given that Madison Beer is a very popular pop artists one wouldn’t expect too much depth to be in her songs, but “Dear Society” further proves that catchy pop songs can hold deep meanings.

The songs easy flowing rhythm and catchy lyrics make it very easy to listen to and learn the lyrics of, which is good for spreading the message the song holds within it. She doesn’t have a lot of songs that talk about social justice issues so I don’t believe that I’ll find other songs of hers that would be relevant to the podcast. Personally I think this song speaks or interprets exactly what social media and society does to young adults and teenagers, they have to grow up very quickly, look a certain way, be a certain weight, or they will be judged by people who don’t know them.

Personally I don’t really have many concerns about the project, I feel that if I listen to the songs, analyze the lyrics and videos, and really internalize what the artists meant by creating such work I’ll be able to accurately break them down.