Kanye West album cover (2013)

Yeezus Album (2013)

For the first song that peaked my interest, I wanted to investigate deeper into the song “New Slaves” (2013) by Kanye west. Although the lyrics to the song may seem to serve a very obvious point focusing around racism, there is an entire story being told here. Each verse has a different era of time to investigate, starting with the hardship of his mother, to then his own hardship growing up, and then fast forward to now focusing on this modern day epidemic in which the system continuously tries to oppress blacks and people of color.

For me personally, I have always been a Kanye West fan and loved his music. And even now with his outlandish comments in the media, and so much hate surrounding his name, I feel like his voice is one that has a lot of power and force behind it. Although the song was released in 2013, he has always stood by his beliefs and been a strong figure for the black community. I feel like such a powerful piece of music shouldn’t go unrecognized.

I also am currently taking COMM 371 (Civic Media) at SJU and what we are learning in that class is a perfect compliment to the lyrics being rapped in this song. I feel like the combined knowledge can help me really tackle this podcast from a unique angle.