1. Song 1: The Man: Taylor Swift (music video analysis as well) – would prefer to do this
    1. This song, though the original message seems to be upfront and obvious, there are many hidden messages – especially in the music video. The Man is a protest song in regards to the difference in praises and overall respect that women overall receive in the world. Everyone has equal rights, yet there still is a gap between women and men in business. The song has many characteristics of pop. The repetitiveness of the chorus “i’m so sick of running as fast as I can, wondering if id get there quicker if i was a man” holds the pop element of creating a melody that people remember in order to make it a radio hit and a song that people remember and sing over and over again in the back of their heads. In terms of research, specifically in regards to the music video, there are many references in the video that have underlying messages. Taylor Swift is known for her ‘easter eggs’ in videos which typically mean something more. What I really want to focus on from the video is the sign where it says “No Scooter Parking” and how that sign itself is so incredibly significant to her career and her ownership of her masters. This will connect to an overall change in history to show the change in dynamics in the music industry because of Taylor Swift and her overall power that she holds. This song personally is representative of the overall differences that women face when being compared to and talked about the way that men are. The bridge in particular could have an entire analysis done on that alone, which is why this song has so many different layers to it. I am more than willing to dedicate 10 weeks to this song and video because there is so much decoding of it that can be done that I feel it will be an incredibly interesting podcast to write and record about. There are no particular issues that I feel I will run into in regards to this project, and I hope that all goes smoothly. 
  2. Song 2: You Need To Calm Down: Taylor Swift (music video analysis as well)
    1. This song is more upfront and obvious but there are slight references in the song that could be good to uncover. Again, especially with all of the ‘easter eggs’ in the music video. You Need to Calm Down is a protest song in regards to the LGBT community as well as women in general. Given that the song was released in 2020, it can be seen as a protest to President Trump and his administration, as well as the other Republicans that Taylor Swift has outright come out against, shocking most of her fanbase as well as the country music world. Similarly to The Man, You Need to Calm Down has the same repetitiveness that pop listeners are used to. The lyrics repeat over and over and over to create a melody that is easily remembered. In terms of research for this song, I could look into Miss Americana, and other interviews done around this time as well as done around the time that Taylor Swift started to involve herself into politics. This will show the change in history because Donald Trump spoke out against her as well as the rest of the world was shocked that she would insert herself in politics, something that she had never done in the past. The song to me has no personal feelings except where it says “and we see you over there on the internet, comparing all the girls who are killing it” because this is definitely true. Girls are constantly turned against each other when we really should just be building each other up. Again like before, I would be willing to dedicate myself to 10 weeks of analyzing this song and I do not foresee any issues that may come along with this project.