Paul Urban, Communications major at Saint Joespehs University. Simply trying to highlight an underground artist. Emmy Russell.  Specifically her newest song Skinny. Skinny is not just a song but a proxy for Emmy’s life. She explains her personal journey, one that went through an eating disorder. This song serves as a testament to her moving forward. While also being an anthem and proxy for so many struggling in the shadows of eating disorders. As we learn from Emmy as well as research this disease is never chosen. It manipulates the brain. Eating disorders, which I will be referring to as eds, have not just grown since COVID-19 but also the heightened use of social media. So I hope to provide why the song Skinny, which was released in late August 2023, is so meaningful, insightful, and powerful.  To have a beautiful example of vulnerable storytelling. First-hand accounts. It’s truly an anthem for so many struggling as well as a proxy for society to become aware.

Have you ever called someone too skinny? Commented on a person getting bigger? Have you ever called someone anorexic just because they don’t eat as much as you? These are comments that Emmy Russell, the artist of the song Skinny. had to face every day.

(Journalistic Source #2) According to,  Over 31 million people in the US alone have an eating disorder. A number that has grown over recent years. Emmy serves as a voice for these people and can use her song as a proxy for the countless suffering in silence. This is also backed up by (Journalistic source #3) A Harvard study done in 2021-22, which also shows us how prevalent eds are. This Harvard study states “Eating disorders in teens skyrocketed over the pandemic.”  It’s perfect timing for this song.

Emmy Russell, I’m sure you haven’t heard of her, she’s a new underground, not well-known however, she did all she could, to try to get her message out there. She simply wants to share her story, and show this is a real mental disorder, that it is Overlooked and misunderstood by society. And be that vulnerable voice that steps up for so many who need it. Someone has to do it and she is so strong for being in that role.

I mean it seems so illogical, how could one deliberately starve themselves watching their body slowly shut down?? However no one ever chooses an eating disorder, it is something developed. You don’t feel yourself, your brain is lying to you.

Emmy makes it clear she and the other 30 million people who have developed this disorder, did not choose to have it. As backed up by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, (Scholaory source #2) They had no control over it. Emmy is here to help others come out of the shadow and shame of this disorder. It is a common thing,  we are in this together and it’s okay!

Journalistic source #1– Dutta, Dr. Sanchari Sinha – We constantly see the “best versions of ourselves” presented. There is this unrealistic unhealthy sense of body image. Which overall showed much connection to how Emmy expressed it in the song.

  • Emmy continued to hide her secret and the pain she felt
  • She says she attributes shame and taking a while to come out because of how misunderstood eating disorders are. And the fact how easily people judge others who have one.
  • Society doesn’t look through the lens of people who have one – in fact, they unknowingly put the distortion of body image in us every day – through ads, TV, movies, celebrities, social media, and commercials. Then judge others based on this false world we have created.
  • It’s time we alter our perspective, listen to Emmy’s story, and realize that so many people face this. We can help them together by not being ignorant and being accepting.

It helps a lot to hear from someone who actually lived through these issues. unique lyrics and bone-chilling ones at that, that deeply touch the audience. For example, Emmy opens the song with (audio clip).

These words ring so true to anyone who struggles with an eating disorder and shows the true mental battle they endure. We get her own, personal battle.

This song is so needed. It gives so many struggling in silence, a voice, a sense of feeling no longer vulnerable. The genre is simply, relating to everyday life, relating to this tough society and looking to provide perspective and help on it. It is a cry out of her life story, and to show she is no longer vulnerable, get this battle off her chest and share it to empower and inspire everyone else. Emmy speaks to the multitudes that are suffering in silence, every day.

7:06-The actual production of the song was all about Emmy’s ambition to get her story out there. She said music helped her best overcome ED and she wants to be a gateway for others.

The unwinding melody starts slow and draws you in with her raw voice and deep emotion.

The focus here is on her, the lighting is all dark around her, and it’s a close zoom-in on her face. Emmy just wants you to listen to what she has to say. Which is that You believe you are heavier than you actually are , those slices of bread become pointless carbs, sugar will only make you fatter. It’s a painful cycle. You are the sickest you’ll ever be, so sick both mentally and physically.

What once started out as wanting to look like someone you see in a commercial or Instagram model,  becomes calorie counting, then becomes an Obsession.

As a study from the eating recovery center shows – “ these comparisons create a downward spiral in terms of body image and self-esteem,” Dr. Brown said. “It makes them more likely to adopt unhealthy weight control behaviors.”

She even loses faith in god, calling out to him and asking why he made her this way. Haven’t eaten in days, god I hate how you made me.

After the song gets over this sad part, it then shifts into more of a power statement. This is evident by the way the beat picks up and instills a sense of passion. She sounds courageous, uplifted now, and empowered. As we see in the viral music video, at this part around the middle of the song. Emmy rises up and that power and passion, the beat picking up is all embodied by the mass of people who come out from behind her. Many different people of all races, and genders sing together and step out of the shadows both physically and through their singing.

She’s opening up to conversation and unity in overcoming vulnerability. You feel this in every fiber of your being as she steps into light and out of darkness, as the beat lifts you up with her.

Emmy Russell speaks to the multitudes that are suffering in silence, every day. Thank you again Emily for your bravery, your authenticity, your courage, and your absolute transparency. Your vulnerability showed is so appreciated. And it’s meant to show that we don’t have to hide in fear of what society will say. I hope you enjoy my take on Emmy’s story.