The Black Eyed Peas, “Where Is The Love?” sheds light on not just one but many social issues that are going on in the world. They made the decision to recreate this song when they saw everything that was going on in the media that was showing the depravity of the world, the conflict in Syria, the Paris terrorist attacks, the Brussels bombing, the Turkey violence, and the Orlando shooting.

The lyrics express the pain and frustration over the absence of unity and togetherness around the world.

People killin’ people dyin’

Children hurtin’, I hear them cryin’

Can you practice what you preachin’?

Would you turn the other cheek again?

This line not only references issues with war but also issues that take place in the United States. It forces listeners to think about their actions and if they follow their beliefs. “Where Is The Love” acknowledges the various violent acts of terrorism felt worldwide and serves as an outlet for the Black Eyed Peas and their listeners to reflect on the catastrophes all nations experience.

Overseas, Yeah, they trying to stop terrorism

(Where’s the love)

Over here on the streets, the police shoot

The people put the bullets in ‘em

(Where’s the love)

But if you only got love for your own race

(Where’s the love)

Then you’re gonna leave space for others to discriminate

The lyrics provide various issues that contribute to the continuous cycle of enmity. There are major conflicts that prelude the vicious wars between countries, but the greatest conflict stems from the way we treat each other as individuals. The Black Eyed Peas bring to light the calamitous behaviors of society in an attempt to make society reflect and change their behavior.

Madness is what you demonstrate

And that’s exactly how hate works and operates

Man, we gotta set it straight

Take control of your mind, just meditate

And let your soul just gravitate to the love

So the whole world celebrate it

“Where Is The Love?” requests that we take a moment to reflect on our past decisions and think about how our actions have affected others. While the lyrics and video may not propose a real explicit solution, it symbolizes the necessity to find the resolution to this animosity. Following the release of this song, a group of young teens dressed in all black were responsible for posting the symbol of a red question mark from the video all over LA. What they are doing is spreading the message of hope around the city. While it does not read a specific solution, I think that the message of hope and love is a real solution that the world lacks and needs to focus more on.


With Love,

Grace Rosenblatt