The Black Eyed Peas released the single “Where Is The Love?” in 2003 as part of their third album, Elephunk. This song’s, now turned anthem’s, uniqueness begins with an upbeat tempo, familiar to the point that even on the first listen it’s impossible to avoid nodding one’s head to the rhythm.The music itself is uplifting, prompting me to press “repeat,” over and over as the last instruments fade out. Yet, with each listen, the lyrics become clearer and my appreciation grows for the context in which the song was produced.

The lyrics address problems such as violence, hate, and racism. The song paints a picture of chaos in a broken world and is not only for enjoyment, as it appeared to be upon my first listen, but sends a message about social and justice change. I still feel a sense of frustration while listening to the lyrics because the problems this song addresses occur due to a lack of humanity that has not shifted so many years later. The song is almost seemingly contrasting in its approach to bring attention to a myriad of issues, but in a melodic and soothing style. It isn’t that the song is facetious, nor is it even subtle, the name of the song is repeated continuously, simply asking where is the love in a hate-filled world.

The delivery of this song could not have been more appropriate. sends a harsh message by laying out the facts he feels society should look upon. The delivery in his rap verse is harsh and almost hostile, which correlates closely to the problems listed. On the other hand, the chorus is more soothing and provides a possible solution to the problems being sung about. The possible solution, “love” is voiced in a more uplifting and spiritual voice.

The titular title reflects a sense that the world can be mended, and promotes a form of introspection in order to find that love. Specifically, my understanding is that the song looks at the negative impact of dishonesty, disrespect, materialism, selfishness, and media. Instead, the principles that should be desired are things such as fairness, equality, and unity. Beyond these, the greatest value that can overcome the chaos and pain occurring in the world is love. Songs like this provide an outlet that allows people to express the frustration that us young adults feel toward the harmful influences surrounding them in their lives. The different aspects of the song are the powerful lyrics and use of imagery, combining to develop the purpose of the song. I believe it is also persuasive in that it forces us to look upon ourselves and take part of the blame. Conclusively, the main idea conveyed through the lyrics are about the ignorance of society.

Back in 2003, The Black Eyed Peas released “Where Is The Love” in response to the 9/11 attacks. The lyrics address issues including terrorism, racism, gang crime, pollution, war, intolerance, and violence against LGBT people. In an interview from the “Telegraph” recalls doing the rhythm over the chord progression and saying, “This needs to have a heartbeat” He explains, “[He] just liked the pull and the call of response of the human heart- a beat, a rhythm that we hear everyday subconsciously, without paying attention to it.” Recently the group has returned to the charts and reimagined one of their biggest hits to help bring attention to recent issues such as gun violence and terrorist attacks around the world. The new music video, filmed in black and white, includes a wide range of huge celebrities and can be watched here

“Born This Way” is a song by Lady Gaga that was written for the LGBTQ+ community and serves as an anthem that reaches individuals on all ends of the spectrum. When I listen to Lady Gaga sing the lyrics along with the music, I picture a group of people walking together on the streets, standing in unity. Her delivery gives a sense of unity and belonging, and her delivery is powerful enough to evoke sharp imagery.

My overall understanding of the song is that we should love ourselves for who we are and that it does not matter whether you are “black or white, male or female, straight, gay or lesbian.” Everyone is beautiful in their own way and you should never be the person that everyone wants you to be.

The song was written for the gay community and serves as an anthem that reaches all different kinds of people in the world. What is even more impressive is that Lady Gaga wrote the song in 10 minutes. In interviews, she has described the anthem as her own freedom song that she wanted to record.

“I want it to be an attack, an assault on the issue because I think, especially in today’s music, everything gets kind of washy sometimes and the message gets hidden…”

You can really feel and hear her passion in the way she sings the song and the lyrics she chose. Her goal was to make empowering music for women and the gay community and all kinds of disenfranchised communities. She ultimately wanted to shake up the industry and that is what she did.

The music alone has a catchy beat that makes you want to get involved. It definitely has a sense of empowerment for anyone listening no matter what they may be going through in their life. The song switches from different sounds, making it unique and wanting to listen more. The music itself is inspirational.

Most importantly although her lyrics are sometimes vulgar, they get straight to the point and send a message. Lady Gaga speaks more openly about accepting homosexuality which is important for this generation. When the lyrics say, “Baby I was born this way” I think she is saying whether you love another man or woman of the same gender, or whether you love God, it does not matter. Everyone is perfect since we were born that way. The song is all about equality, whether is it about your sexuality or your mental and physical disabilities. The song and its lyrics are for anyone who has ever been judged for who they are or are seen as an outcast from their society.