Monae co-wrote “Make Me Feel” with Julia Michaels, who is also responsible for writing Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Selena Gomez’s “Good for You”. The track seems to be about the singer voicing her feelings for a special someone “Baby, don’t make me spell it out for you/All of the feelings that I’ve got for you”, but she isn’t quite sure how to express those feelings “Can’t be explained, but I can try for you”. The lyrics, written by Monae and Michaels, are obviously about Monae’s feeling for a special someone and Michaels is able to help Monae express that in the writing of the song.

“Make Me Feel”, released in 2018, is a moment of joy from the album “Dirty Computer” and is a song of desire and freedom as seen in the lyrics. The tune itself recalls styles like Prince and Michael Jackson and carries a funk tune and a feeling of sensuality that can’t help but make you want to dance. The song in general carries a clear statement of strength, freedom and continued evolution to what we can only assume is the acceptance of LGBTQ+ attitudes and lifestyles. Described by some music critics as a “bisexual fever dream”, the song (and video accompanying) has an element of fantasy and lust. “It’s like I’m powerful with a little bit of tender/An emotional, sexual bender” a celebration of sexual fluidity and joy that contrasts many songs about queer sexual experiences that are usually filled with anger or suffering. But “Make Me Feel” is all fun. In an interview with The Guardian, Monae talks about her music and her ability to let things go and not having discomfort about “speaking out” anymore. There have always been rumors about Monae’s sexuality since she first popped up on the music scene but she has never put a label or definition on her sexuality. I believe this is on purpose as she likes to call herself “sexually liberated” and this attitude seems to be part of her brand.

Monae is all about women’s empowerment and being in control of your own narrative and body, she is not afraid to let people know they don’t own her and will not use her image of sexual freedom to denounce other women or those in the LGBTQ+ community. “That’s just the way you make me feel/So real, so good, so fuckin’ real”, the song is tributing to Monae’s character enjoying how she feels about her partners and she is not another female artist going through a bisexual “phase” as a marketing tool to make her seem more edgy.