The Black Eyed Peas released their single “Where Is The Love?” in 2003 as part of their third album, Elephunk. The pop band decided to remake their classic hit “Where Is The Love” in 2016 after they saw everything that was being shown in the media. The new version of the song sheds light on the depravity of the world, conflicts across seas, terrorist attacks, and gun violence. After doing some research I found that there are more songs than I had expected that shed a similar light on these issues.

One lineage that I wanted to focus on was the idea of togetherness. A song that I think is perfect fit in “Where Is The Love?” lineage is “We Are The World 25 Haiti.” These songs both have a charitable aspect to them. Just like Will.I.Am, the songs conductors, Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones wanted the younger generation to relate to the song and draw attention to the problems going on in the world. The lyrics give a message of hope, unity, and solidarity.

Another song that I wanted to draw attention to that I think falls into this lineage is “Just Stand Up.” This was also charity oriented and featured over a dozen top female vocalists. This song sends a similar message of solidarity and togetherness. They performed and broadcasted the song during the Stand Up to Cancer telethon. This was set up to raise awareness and bring about an understanding that everyone in some way is connected by cancer.

Thirdly, the song “One Day,” by Matisyahu is described by the artist as an anthem for hope. The song has a similar beat which makes listeners want to bob their head and open up their heart. The lyrics in the song send the message that everyone should put effort in each day to become closer to reaching a goal of unity and world peace.

A second lineage I think is important to touch on is Gun Violence. The first song that falls into this category that came to mind was “Pumped Up Kicks.” The Black Eyed Peas discuss events such as mass shootings in our country and that is what this song is about. The artists of this song explain it is about a young kid who is an outcast and is losing his mind. They explain how the youth in our culture are becoming more and more isolated. This also brings awareness to how necessary unity in our country is.

Carrie Underwood’s shows that she is also not afraid to address bigger issues like gun violence with her song “Love Wins.” The song begins by her singing, “Stray bullet and a mama cries / Her baby won’t be coming home tonight / Siren screaming down the avenue / Just another story on the evening news.” The song touches on our divided culture and delivers a powerful chorus which sends the message of bringing people together.

Lastly, Kendrick Lamar’s “XXX” featuring U2 from his album Damn paints a picture of the harsh environment Lamar grew up in but are also critical of American politics. Strong themes seen in the song are violence, vengeance, and retaliation. When it comes to the rapper and the rock band, they overlap in activism and speaking truth to power.