“Praying” by Kesha is a song that upholds women’s empowerment and getting through hard times. Many artists alongside Kesha have released songs that speak up about these same injustices. Kesha released this song after four years of not being able to record any music because of her lawsuit with her producer. “Praying” was released a few months before the #MeToo movement took off and has been a song that has inspired many to stand up. There have been many other songs that relate to the topic of women’s empowerment and liberation.


There is lineage between the songs: 

“Praying” by Kesha- “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera– “”Flawless” by Beyonce“Never Give Up” by Sia.


The lineage behind these songs all have a connection about speaking out about the dark times and putting the pieces back together. Not letting these difficult things keep you from being you. The second lineage would be about women’s empowerment. Not getting down on yourself and empowering those around you.  


The first song is “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera. “Fighter” was released in 2002 and is an empowering song about  This song discusses being put through a tough situation and choosing to become stronger from this situation. How although it was difficult it can teach you so much and how to stand up for yourself. The song makes the listener feel empowered and hopefully gives the inspiration to fight back. This song connects to “Praying” because they both inspire people to grow from these dark situations. Both songs are about building yourself up better than you were before.


“Cause it makes me that much stronger

Makes me work a little bit harder

It makes me that much wiser

So thanks for making me a fighter

Made me learn a little bit faster

Made my skin a little bit thicker

Makes me that much smarter

So thanks for making me a fighter”


The second song is “Flawless” by Beyonce which was released in 2013. This song is an empowerment song to women. It’s about feeling empowered about who you are. Not letting anyone bring you down. This helps to better understand “Praying” because it too is about lifting yourself up. They are both empowering but in different ways which helps to see the different styles in which an empowering song can be written in. Not always doing what is expected of you and being strong through hard times and frustrations.

“Momma taught me good home training
My Daddy taught me how to love my haters
My sister taught me I should speak my mind
My man made me feel so God damn fine”

The third song is “Never Give Up” by Sia. This song was released in 2015 and is also about empowerment and liberation. It’s about being free of those dark days and not allowing them to control you. To not let yourself give up because of them and to always fight back. Kesha also touches on bringing yourself back up and being empowered by how strong you are.

“I’ve battled demons that won’t let me sleep
Called to the sea but she abandoned me
But I won’t never give up, no, never give up, no, no
No, I won’t never give up, no, never give up, no, no”

There are many connections about women’s empowerment and liberation within all of these songs. They all show the lineage that forms between each of them and how they connect to these problems they are showcasing.