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The Man ~ Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “The Man” follows a lineage of songs that stand against the sexist double standards in society. A theme throughout these songs is naming the differences in how women and men are unequally treated in society. There is also… Continue Reading →

The Man ~ Taylor Swift

The social critique being made through Taylor Swift’s song “The Man” argues that being a woman puts humans at a disadvantage from men. Swift alludes to issues of gender inequality through her lyrics in “The Man” by describing how her… Continue Reading →

The Man ~ Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift grew up developing her talents as a Country / Country-Pop artist. At the release of her sixth album Reputation, the artist shifted into a Pop music artist. Her song The Man is a part of this genre (Pop)… Continue Reading →

The Man ~ Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s The Man calls out the disparities between men and women in regards to society’s perception of success and power. This song is a way for Swift to express her feminism progressively into the public sphere. The Man is… Continue Reading →

The Man ~ Taylor Swift

I find Taylor Swift’s song The Man intriguing for this Podcast Project because the issue raised within it as well as how controversial the artist is. She is known for her many musical stages, for having various versions of herself… Continue Reading →

“The Man” and “Make America Great Again”

Make America Great Again by Frank Turner (2018) What does this song respond to? This song is in response to Trump’s Presidential election campaigns What does this song offer? / What concerns do I have for it? The song offers… … Continue Reading →

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