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“Memory Boy” by Tigercub – Racism in England

Transcript by Madeleine Pirages Introducing Tigercub, an indie rock trio from Brighton, England. Consisting of Jamie Hall lead vocalist and guitarist, James Allix drums, and Jimi Wheelwright on bass. Memory Boy comes off the band’s 2017 debut album Abstract Figures… Continue Reading →

Second Listen: “Memory Boy” Tigercub

Second Listen: “Memory Boy” Tigercub Tigercub’s “Memory Boy” offers insight to the outsider’s perspective when it comes to experiencing racism and migration issues. It addresses the issues with an outsider perspective that reads matter of factly. The importance of addressing… Continue Reading →

Second Listening Post- Lineage of Music

Killing In The Name Of (1992)→ The Kill (2001)  Fortunate Son (1969)–>The Kill (2001)  London Calling (1979)–> The Kill (2001)  The Kill (2001)–> B.Y.O.B (2005)    While every song listed above ties together an important lineage of anti-war music, perhaps… Continue Reading →

First Listen: “P.M.R.C.” by the Bouncing Souls

The song P.M.R.C. was first released by the Bouncing Souls on their 1991 7’ record, Ugly Bill, Oh Shit.  The title of this song is the acronym for the Parents Music Resource Center, a Committee formed in 1985 with the… Continue Reading →

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