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“Female” Context & Critique

“Female” by Keith Urban was released in 2017. It was written and recorded within 3 weeks, and inspired by, according to Urban, the Harvey Weinstein scandal (Billboard). It inspired him to write this song as he has a wife and… Continue Reading →

“Love It If We Made It” Fifth Listen

This fifth listen post, with the focus on song lineages, was the post that I was the most unsure about how to approach. While what The 1975 are doing with “Love It If We Made It” is no novel idea,… Continue Reading →

“Land of the Free” and “Words I Never Said”

My two songs, “Land of the Free” by The Killers and “Words I Never Said” by Lupe Fiasco, caught my attention the first time I listened to them years ago, with one reason being that they step out of the… Continue Reading →

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