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My Mind is For Sale

This podcast was completed by Madison Auer for Popular Music, Protest, and Social Justice at St. Joseph’s University, taught by Dr. Bill Wolff. This story is part of Protest Anthems, a series of podcasts that focus on music, social justice and protest…. Continue Reading →

Jack Johnson – My Mind is For Sale Podcast Draft   The experience of putting together my podcast has been very interesting, and going slightly smoother than I expected. As I continue to use Audacity, I see the ease of using the application as I become more acquainted and… Continue Reading →

My Mind is For Sale & Lineage

Although they are all very different in sound, there is a clear path in subject line between Johnson’s “My Mind is For Sale” and the following songs:   My Mind is For Sale – If You’re Gonna Build a Wall… Continue Reading →

My Mind is For Sale – Social Critiques

Given Johnson’s laid back persona and previous collection of songs, this particular song, “My Mind is For Sale” was taken by surprise by many of Johnson’s fans and critics due to its social critiques. However, Johnson makes these critiques in… Continue Reading →

Johnson’s My Mind is For Sale and its Various Genres

After listening to Jack Johnson’s music, one may describe it as mellow, laid-back, chill, and even beach-y or surf-like. Before this project, I had never thought deeply about what genre of music Johnson fell into, mainly because I would usually… Continue Reading →

A Second Look: My Mind is For Sale

As I begin to analyze the deeper political meaning behind Johnson’s “My Mind is For Sale,” it is essential to also consider the time of this song’s release. Johnson released this song in July of 2017, just several months after… Continue Reading →

Jack Johnson’s “My Mind is For Sale”

  For my podcast, I have chosen Jack Johnson’s “My Mind is For Sale.” I am very excited to begin researching this song as I actually don’t know much about it to begin with. I had never heard the song… Continue Reading →

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