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The Many Faces of Kendrick Lamar’s “i” – Third Listen

The ways in which we interface with music are constantly changing and evolving. We now have more access to music than ever before: more studio recordings, more leaked songs, and more live performances. With this, our roles as listeners drastically… Continue Reading →

From 1973-2023 – The Musical Lineage of “i” by Kendrick Lamar

The Musical Lineage of “i” by Kendrick Lamar “i” is a song that doesn’t have many obvious related songs that directly influenced its writing. Of course, this by far isn’t the first song dealing with gang violence in Compton and… Continue Reading →

XXX and Same Love – Songs of Justice

When I registered for this class, my mind jumped to songs written by and for people of color, because they create music that reflects their experience, which is so important. In thinking about this assignment of creating a podcast about… Continue Reading →

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