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Triggering Hope: “Preach” and Protest

 The year was 2019. John Legend, like so many Americans, felt distressed and overwhelmed when he watched the news, as he sings about in this song, “Preach.” Written by Greg Kurstin and Sarah Aarons, “Preach” was released as a single… Continue Reading →

Third Listen: “Glory”

John Legend’s and Common’s song “Glory” acts as a voice for people all around the world that have experienced oppression throughout their entire lives. “Glory” reassures us that one day, racial equality will be achieved. Moreover, one day, racism will… Continue Reading →

Third Listen: “Preach” Versions, Performances, and Covers

For this third listening post, I am going to discuss three texts/pieces of media that deepen my understanding of “Preach”: John Legend’s live performance of the song, the piano version of the song, and a cover of “Preach” by Youtube… Continue Reading →

“Glory” Lineage

“Glory” by John Legend and Common is a song that was written for the film Selma that portrays the association of racism in the mid 1900s and racism that still continues to divide our world today. The song expresses how we have not… Continue Reading →

Second Listen: “Preach” Lineage(s)

“Preach” (and its music video) covers so many topics and areas of suffering for people in the United States right now, but some of the major themes that “Preach” highlights is school shootings/violence, police brutality against Black lives, and the… Continue Reading →

“Preach”: Context & Critique

The song “Preach” was written by Greg Kurstin and Sarah Aarons and is sung by John Legend.  Legend put the song out as a single in 2019, which was an eventful time in both the United States and the world…. Continue Reading →

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