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Second Listen: “Memory Boy” Tigercub

Second Listen: “Memory Boy” Tigercub Tigercub’s “Memory Boy” offers insight to the outsider’s perspective when it comes to experiencing racism and migration issues. It addresses the issues with an outsider perspective that reads matter of factly. The importance of addressing… Continue Reading →

First Listen 2023: “Memory Boy” by Tigercub

“Memory Boy” was released in 2016 as a debut album by Tigercub, a UK based band. Around its release, the UK was still in the EU and dealing with the refugee crisis. Many felt that the UK should be better… Continue Reading →

Land of the Free Lineages

“Deportee” by Woody Guthrie > “Immigration Man” by Crosby, Stills & Nash > “Immigrant” by Belly ft. M.I.A. and Meek Mill > “Land of the Free” by The Killers   Each of these songs, with the possible exception of “Land… Continue Reading →

Land of the Free – Fourth Listen

As overt as The Killers are in calling attention to the systemic social issues, they don’t necessarily offer solutions. I think part of this has to do with the fact that these societal problems are systemic. Racism and xenophobia are… Continue Reading →

Second Listen: “Land of the Free” by The Killers

In March of 2019, just two months after The Killers released “Land of the Free”, the Department of Homeland security announced that illegal immigration was at a twelve year high, there was a 97% increase in apprehensions, and that apprehensions… Continue Reading →

Proposal for “Land of the Free” by The Killers

The Killers’ song “Land of the Free” appears to touch on a wide range of the country’s most pressing issues, which was what intrigued me the first time I heard it. However, the accompanying music video narrows its focus to… Continue Reading →

Now Podcast

This podcast was completed by Vilma Fermin for Popular Music, Protest, and Social Justice at St. Joseph’s University, taught by Dr. Bill Wolff.  In his new album, War and Leisure, Miguel enters a new realm of political activism that is… Continue Reading →

My Mind is For Sale

This podcast was completed by Madison Auer for Popular Music, Protest, and Social Justice at St. Joseph’s University, taught by Dr. Bill Wolff. This story is part of Protest Anthems, a series of podcasts that focus on music, social justice and protest…. Continue Reading →

Now’s Lineage

There are many songs that focus on the growing issue of immigration. Although many of the songs don’t have the same sound, they focus on the same concept. I connected the lineage as follows: Now – American Land – Paper… Continue Reading →

My Mind is For Sale & Lineage

Although they are all very different in sound, there is a clear path in subject line between Johnson’s “My Mind is For Sale” and the following songs:   My Mind is For Sale – If You’re Gonna Build a Wall… Continue Reading →

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