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Sheep: Third Listen

When analyzing music and placing them into different genres, it’s important to first take a step back and break down what exactly a genre even is. A musical genre is a category of music where the songs in that group… Continue Reading →

Johnson’s My Mind is For Sale and its Various Genres

After listening to Jack Johnson’s music, one may describe it as mellow, laid-back, chill, and even beach-y or surf-like. Before this project, I had never thought deeply about what genre of music Johnson fell into, mainly because I would usually… Continue Reading →

A Second Look: My Mind is For Sale

As I begin to analyze the deeper political meaning behind Johnson’s “My Mind is For Sale,” it is essential to also consider the time of this song’s release. Johnson released this song in July of 2017, just several months after… Continue Reading →

Jack Johnson’s “My Mind is For Sale”

  For my podcast, I have chosen Jack Johnson’s “My Mind is For Sale.” I am very excited to begin researching this song as I actually don’t know much about it to begin with. I had never heard the song… Continue Reading →

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