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First Listen- “Salt”

“Salt” was released in 2014 on Bad Sun’s album “Language and Perspective”. While the fight for LGBTQ+ rights has been going for years, one movement for the community in 2014 was Obama signing a new Executive order to protect LGBT… Continue Reading →

Sheep: Fourth Listen

“Sheep” by Mt Joy socially critiques the justice and police system in America, as well as how most people turn a blind eye to issues that don’t affect them, and how important it is for those in the position to… Continue Reading →

“The Story of O.J.” – Lyrical Critiques

Jay-Z’s “The Story of O.J.” critiques the current state of black wealth in America as well as blatant discrimination in the entertainment industry on all levels; which all stem from America’s past regarding racism in visuals and performance. Such as… Continue Reading →

“The Story of O.J.” – Genre

“The Story of O.J.” has clear indications of representing multiple genres, regardless of Jay-Z being characterized as a rapper. Rap is a genre that started as a “slang” and was intertwined with Hip-Hop, because of its roots and meaning. Rap… Continue Reading →

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