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Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”: Metal Becomes Meaning

  War Pigs (Song intro plays throughout podcast) Narrator: Hello and welcome to Protest Pals! On today’s episode, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the song “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath.  (Song intro) Narrator: Since metal was initially introduced to the… Continue Reading →

Fugazi’s Critique of War is Still as Eerily Relevant Today

    [Narrator] Welcome back to the protest music podcast today we’ll be diving into the world of punk….. The song of focus today tackles the issue of the American military mindset and the damage it causes to the individual… Continue Reading →

Second Listening Post- Lineage of Music

Killing In The Name Of (1992)→ The Kill (2001)  Fortunate Son (1969)–>The Kill (2001)  London Calling (1979)–> The Kill (2001)  The Kill (2001)–> B.Y.O.B (2005)    While every song listed above ties together an important lineage of anti-war music, perhaps… Continue Reading →

Paranoia & American Idiot

“Paranoia” by Chance the Rapper (2013) I had first heard this song in my junior year of high school around 2013. I originally thought that Chance the Rapper was describing his relationship with paranoia. I was not familiar with him… Continue Reading →

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