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“For My People” Third Listen

When listening to a piece of music, reading and comprehending the lyrics are necessary to gain more understanding of the song. However, that is not the only element that should be taken into account when listening to a piece of… Continue Reading →

Fifth Listen: Sheep

Lineage 1: Police Brutality and Racial Violence The first song lineage in “Sheep” by Mt Joy is the theme of speaking out against police brutality and the racial injustice in America, and the reflection in the judicial system. These songs… Continue Reading →

Looking for America Fifth Listen

Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and Billie Holiday. These are just a few of the artist’s that are close to Lana Del Rey, literally. Del Rey has each of their names tattooed on her shoulders (Whitney & Amy on… Continue Reading →

Fourth Listen: Looking for America

Del Rey’s genre is typically considered pop, “dream pop,” or even indie, this track is more accurately described as singer/songwriter, folk, acoustic. The vocals are prominent, allowing for the lyrics to get the listener’s attention. While I struggled to find… Continue Reading →

XXX and Same Love – Songs of Justice

When I registered for this class, my mind jumped to songs written by and for people of color, because they create music that reflects their experience, which is so important. In thinking about this assignment of creating a podcast about… Continue Reading →

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