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Holiday’s Song Lineage

Lineage 1: Anti-War & Reevaluation of War One of the prominent critiques that Holiday has is that it critiques the Bush presidency for acting quickly to bomb Iraq despite its allies wanting to find a peaceful solution to disarm Iraq of… Continue Reading →

Holiday: A Deeper Listen

The song “Holiday” by Green Day is a critiquing the Bush administration on how they portrayed their entry into Iraq in 2003. The song also critiques the disagreement of how to disarm Iraq, as many of Bush’s allies wanted the… Continue Reading →

Rockin’ Holiday

Green Day is an American punk-rock band from California. As Patrick Stump (from Fall Out Boy) describes in Green Day’s Hall of Fame introduction speech, punk-rock is “loud,” “fast,” and (as Peter Wentz said) pretty  ass, because you never go… Continue Reading →

“Is Not Anti-American, It’s Anti-War”

On the 8th of November in 2002, the United Nations Security Council reviewed Resolution 1441, which would censure Iraqi behavior and warn serious consequences if it remained defiant of limiting removing nuclear weapons. This was seen as the a “just”… Continue Reading →

On Holiday …

The song I am going to do my podcast on is Holiday by American alternative-rock band Green Day. The song that intrigues me, other than the rock beat that I loved since I was a kid, are the lyrics. As a young… Continue Reading →

American Idiot’s Holiday

When thinking about the two possible songs that I would like to study to semester and create a podcast about, two really came to mind. I knew since my young days that Green Day had a few protest songs on… Continue Reading →

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