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Bikini Kill’s White Boy

Kathleen: All girls to the front. I’m not kidding. All girls to the front. All boys, be cool for once in your lives. Go back, back, back!   *Fades in White Boy*   Tat: Bikini kill, one of the most… Continue Reading →

Third Listen To “White Boy”

Introduction Bikini Kill is one of the most iconic bands of our time, they formed the feminist punk rock movement which influenced thousands of women. Bikini Kill was known for their loud, fast paced and aggressive music. Kathleen Hanna, the… Continue Reading →

Second Listen White Boy Bikini Kill

 Bikini Kill’s song, “White Boy” discusses toxic masculinity and how misogynic men are violent towards women. Kim Gordon, a female vocalist for Sonic Youth wrote a song called “Kool Thing” in the 1990s. Now, this was a bit before White… Continue Reading →

First Listen “White Boy”

  “White Boy” by Bikini Kill was written and released during the Riot Grrl era, in the 90s. The riot Grrrl era was focused on female empowerment and influencing the feminist punk movement. Bikini Kill focused their songs on rejecting… Continue Reading →

Proposal- Wesley’s Theory

Song 1- Wesley’s theory – Kendrick Lamar   Wesley’s Theory is the introduction of Kendrick Lamar’s Album, To Pimp A Butterfly. This song introduces the theme and issues Kendrick covers within the album. TPAB is one of the best rap… Continue Reading →

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