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DNA – Fifth Listen (Lineages)

Murder to Excellence by Kanye West and Jay Z (2011) —> Be Free by J Cole (2014) —> DNA by Kendrick Lamar (2017) —> Looking for America by Lana Del Rey (2019) For my first lineage I chose to find… Continue Reading →

Fourth Listen – DNA

In the beginning of the song, it seems as though Kendrick is not overtly critiquing anything, but rather stating facts. Throughout the song, it seems as though he is just comparing his DNA to other people’s and discussing what is… Continue Reading →

DNA Third Listen

Kendrick Lamar as an artist is heavily influenced by the rap and hip hop genres. The song DNA is no exception to those rules. Google and Pitchfork both describe the song as Rap/Hip Hop. The “rap” stems from the rhythm… Continue Reading →

DNA Second Listen

I believe the social context of this song is unique and powerful because even though it is talking about the general subject of racism in America, it is also talking about Kendrick Lamar’s personal experiences. He then takes his personal… Continue Reading →

DNA Proposal

I am very excited to be discussing DNA by Kendrick Lamar this semester because even though he is not Harry Styles, I am very interested in further exploring how his mind works in terms of songwriting, vocal delivery, and the… Continue Reading →

Sign of the Times and DNA

The first and almost definite song I would like to study this semester is Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. Unless I am told otherwise, this is my number one choice because I am obviously a big fan of… Continue Reading →

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