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Music: A Way To Understand

Transcript: Listen closely, I want to tell you a story…   Flight of the bumblebee, first 30 seconds   Alright, so I didn’t say anything, but I am sure you still got a message. As you may know that… Continue Reading →

Third Listen, LAND OF THE FREE

I don’t think I had a particularly hard time understanding the song; it is very clear that Joey is displeased with how this country is only free for some people and for others it’s very oppressing. I think he said… Continue Reading →


AmeriKKKas Most Wanted- by Ice Cube LAND OF THE FREE- Joey Bada$$ Land of the free- the killers   The album that THE LAND OF THE FREE is featured in is called ALL AMERIKKKAN BADASS. The three Ks in the… Continue Reading →

First Listen: LAND OF THE FREE

In 2017 when LAND OF THE FREE came out I was graduating high school. While that was a significant event in my life, the whole of the United States was going through massive changes and seemed to be breaking apart…. Continue Reading →

“LAND OF THE FREE” and “Blood//Water”

“LAND OF THE FREE”, Joey Bada$$ “Blood//Water”, grandson   I had first heard LAND OF THE FREE in a class I had taken here at SJU. We had to analyze it in that class but I don’t think I ever… Continue Reading →

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