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“Society” Fifth Listen

From my discernment there are two predominant topics that are touched upon in Society which strongly connect it to previous and latter songs on the basis of subject matter. The first, and most immediately noticeable, is a rejection of materialism… Continue Reading →

“Society” Fourth Listen

The object of criticism in this song can at surface level be discerned simply from reading its title, and with no further knowledge of its composition or lyrics. That being said, however, the specifics of the statement being made, or… Continue Reading →

“Society” Third Listen

Though the bulk of Eddie Vedder’s music contributions to date tend more towards the realm of grunge/alternative rock as the frontman of Pearl Jam, his solo career and live performances strongly indicate that he is not one to shy away… Continue Reading →

“Society” Second Listen

“Society” is somewhat unique in its historical context in that it was written specifically for a film, Into the Wild, which is a direct depiction of Jon Krakauer’s book, based solely on true events regarding the life and travels of… Continue Reading →

Proposal for “Society”

The first time that I heard Eddie Vedder’s cover of Jerry Hannan’s “Society” was on the soundtrack of Into the Wild, and it struck me for a number of reasons, all of which factored heavily into my decision to feature… Continue Reading →

“Society” & “Used to Get High”

The songs I have narrowed my selection down to with regard to this project are concerned in their entirety with critiquing the complicated and flawed concept, that which is so bluntly denoted by the title of the former. Society, a… Continue Reading →

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