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“The Village” – Fifth Listen

Popular music has an iconic lineage of LGBTQ+ artists and songs written even by straight allies that uplift and validate LGBTQ+ people. One theme that links a lot of this music is the learned shame and internalized homophobia that comes… Continue Reading →

“The Village” – Fourth Listen

Wrabel’s social critique in this song is overall more explicit than it is subtle. He focuses on two main groups that contribute to the issue: society as a whole and then, more specifically, the Church. The first verse of the… Continue Reading →

Third Listen – “The Village”

Pinning down the genre for “The Village” is a slightly difficult task; it’s categorized as a Pop piece, but one typical understanding of Pop music (posited by is that it’s more upbeat in an attempt to appeal to a… Continue Reading →

“The Village” – Second Listen

“The Village” was written and released in 2017, largely as a response to the way transgender people are treated in our society, and specifically due to actions taken by the Trump administration that removed federal protections in public schools for… Continue Reading →

Wrabel – “The Village” Proposal

For my podcast, I will be focusing on the song “The Village” by Wrabel. Released as a single in 2017, the song is a response to bigotry against people in the LGBTQ+ community. More specifically, the lyrics deal with some… Continue Reading →

“The Village” and “Hollywood”

Wrabel – The Village This song is broadly about the issue of being LGBTQ+ and being brought up in the Catholic Church, but it was specifically written as a response to a withdrawal of federal protection for trans students in… Continue Reading →

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