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Americans Fifth Listen

After listening to Americans by Janelle Monae again, I feel like the song can fit in two distinct lineages in the landscape of music. The first of these being songs that touch on police brutality and general mistreatment of black… Continue Reading →

Americans Fourth Listen

Americans by Janelle Monae contains multiple levels of critique. The song critiques oppressive policies that have caused harm to minorities during the verses and critiques the mindset of American conservatives during the bridge and pre-chorus of the song by parodying… Continue Reading →

Americans Third Listen

One of the defining characteristics of Janelle Monae’s music is her ability to incorporate numerous different genres across her albums. For example, she started off making soul music with ArchAndroid and The Electric Lady and has started to incorporate full… Continue Reading →

Americans Second Listen

Learning about the historical context of Americans by Janelle Monae is crucial to fully understanding the song as a protest song. This is due to when the song was written, what it was written in response to, and understanding Monae… Continue Reading →

Americans Proposal

The song that I am doing for this podcast project is Americans by Janelle Monae. This is song is endlessly intriguing to me in viewing it as a protest song. The main reason for this is because every time that… Continue Reading →

We The People… and Americans

The first song that I would like to do for this podcast assignment would be “We the People…” by A Tribe Called Quest (ATCQ). This song was released in 2016 and this is significant for many reasons. The first of… Continue Reading →

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