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“Zombie” final

  Intro:Bill  When we think of change, where does the conversation begin? Does change just happen overnight or is it more of a long winded process? In the case of the terrorism attacks of the Irish Republican Army, change took… Continue Reading →

Zombie 1st audio

“Zombie” Lineage

“Zombie” follows a lineage of family/war, it fits the theme of speaking out against terrorism and what war does to families. There have been songs that spoke out against war, like “When the Tigers Broke Free” by Pink Floyd; the… Continue Reading →

“Zombie”-Fourth Listen

When Dolores O’Riordan heard the news about bombings in Warrington while on the United Kingdom leg of The Cranberries’ tour, she sat down and wrote “Zombie”. The provisional Irish Republican Army or IRA set off a bomb in Warrington killing… Continue Reading →

Second Listen-Zombie

English rule in Northern Ireland has always been an ongoing issue, but there have been many rebel groups that have fought this. In the 1970’s an emerging group called the IRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army) began to stir up more… Continue Reading →

Zombie by the Cranberries

Prior to this project I had never paid much attention to watch genre certain songs were considered by people. To me the genre rarely makes a difference when it comes to the song or band because many artists don’t like… Continue Reading →

“Zombie” by the Cranberries

Growing up I listened to a lot of Irish music, not just the traditional songs you hear on Saint Patricks Day. My grandma is from Ireland and made it a point to educate her grandchildren about history and current events… Continue Reading →

“Paper Planes” & “Born this Way”

When I first started this course I wasn’t sure what songs “Protest and Social Justice” would entail. I never realized how many songs have messages about various social injustices and how people listen to them. When I was younger my… Continue Reading →

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