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Run The World (Girls)

I was able to find many song lineages for “Run The World (Girls)”. This song focuses on women’s inequalities, specifically in the workforce, and has an overall theme that “men are better and more powerful than women ”. One popular… Continue Reading →

Run The World (Girls)

Some of the social critiques that “Run The World (Girls)” is making is that men believe they run this world and that women must just stand back and do as they say. It is bringing attention to the fact that… Continue Reading →

Run The World (Girls)

Beyonce is known for being an R&B artist and a little bit of pop/hip hop. This song somewhat challenges the genres her music usually falls under. While the song is still, in a sense, contemporary R&B and pop, it pushes… Continue Reading →

Run The World (Girls)

The song “Run The World (Girls)” came out in April 2011. Before, during, and still now there is a lot of debate and issues about women’s equality, especially in the workplace. It is said that Beyonce wrote this song because… Continue Reading →

Run The World (Girls)

  When Beyonce put the song “Run The World (Girls)” out, I was only 12 years old. When I first listened to it the only reason I liked the song was because of the upbeat music and the chorus “Who… Continue Reading →

“Brave” and “Quiet”

Two songs I’ve chosen to look at for my podcast are “Brave” by Sara Bareilles and “Quiet” by MILCK. When “Brave” came out, I listened to it all the time, but I never actually listened to the words closely. I… Continue Reading →

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