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“Love It If We Made It” Fifth Listen

This fifth listen post, with the focus on song lineages, was the post that I was the most unsure about how to approach. While what The 1975 are doing with “Love It If We Made It” is no novel idea,… Continue Reading →

“Love It If We Made It” Fourth Listen

A major part of what qualifies “Love It If We Made It” a protest song is the content of its lyrics. As I have mentioned in some of my previous “Listen” posts, this song is unique in it’s approach, as… Continue Reading →

“Love It If We Made It” Third Listen

The music The 1975 makes doesn’t easily fall into one genre. This is partly because of their music evolution over time, with their sound evolving from album to album, but also because, while they do have a signature sound, it… Continue Reading →

“Love It If We Made It” Second Listen

During the period of time around the years of 2016-2018 the political and social climate of our world was in a unique place. I think the best way to describe this period of time is “turbulent”. The election of Donald… Continue Reading →

“Love It If We Made It” Proposal

I’m so glad that I am able to focus on “Love It If We Made It” by The 1975 for my podcast! As I touched on in my first listen post, this song has a lot to analyze and I’m… Continue Reading →

Love It If We Made It & Agnes

First Listen! When Bill introduced this assignment to us in class I immediately thought of a couple songs that would be super interesting to analyze on a deeper level as protest songs. The two at the top of my list… Continue Reading →

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