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“Looking For Somebody (To Love)” Final Podcast

Transcript OPENING: Clips from news coverage + Instrumental intro of song  NEWS TAPE – Alleged Gunman Elliot Rodger’s Chilling Manifesto [1:42-1:46]  Nobody would do the types of things that happened last night unless there was some form of mental illness… Continue Reading →

3rd Listen “Looking For Somebody (To Love)”

Text, or content, of The 1975’s “Looking For Somebody (To Love)” contributes to audiences’ overall reception and understanding of the song itself. This in turn impacts how the social justice issue (mass shootings, in this case) is perceived. Since the… Continue Reading →

2nd Listen “Looking For Somebody (To Love)”

Although school shootings are a fairly new phenomenon, there have been plenty of songs discussing and addressing the social issue and what causes such a tragic event. I would like to discuss the lineage of Metallica’s “Ronnie” → P.O.D.’s “Youth… Continue Reading →

First Listen “Looking For Somebody (To Love)”

“Looking For Somebody (To Love)” is a track off Being Funny in a Foreign Language, the fifth studio album by The 1975. The album was released in October 2022, amidst nationwide rising gun violence. According to the Gun Violence Archive,… Continue Reading →

Podcast Proposal Fall ’23

The two possible songs I would like to explore for my Protest Anthem Podcast are “Looking For Somebody To Love” by The 1975 and the “Lockdown” music video by Anderson .Paak.  “Looking For Somebody To Love” (The 1975)  “Looking… Continue Reading →

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