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“The Man” By Taylor Swift Podcast

Excerpt from: “Gender Equality: Now” “Girls and boys women and men are expected by society to play certain roles and behave in certain ways based on traditions, religion, and other beliefs these behaviors are learned and shaped the gender norms… Continue Reading →

“The Man” Texts/Media

For the third listen of “The Man” by Taylor Swift, I will look at and discuss three forms of texts and media performances that will help me to understand the meaning of this song, deeper than just the lyrics. The… Continue Reading →

“The Man” Lineages

“The Man” by Taylor Swift highlights the idea of inequality amongst men in women in many aspects of daily life. Throughout the song she goes through different scenarios of how men and women’s lives differ even though it is now… Continue Reading →

“The Man” // Critique and Context

“The Man” is a song written by Taylor Swift which came from her album Lover. Lover came out in 2019 and it instantly broke records and left people wondering about the ‘new’ Taylor Swift. She had always played by the… Continue Reading →

“Imagine” and “Born This Way”

The two songs I am considering for the Podcast Anthem Assignment are “Imagine” (a cover) by Peter Hollens and “Born This Way” By Lady Gaga.  “Imagine” is one of my all time favorite songs. I’ve grown up listening to it… Continue Reading →

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