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Fifth Listen: Sheep

Lineage 1: Police Brutality and Racial Violence The first song lineage in “Sheep” by Mt Joy is the theme of speaking out against police brutality and the racial injustice in America, and the reflection in the judicial system. These songs… Continue Reading →

Sheep: Fourth Listen

“Sheep” by Mt Joy socially critiques the justice and police system in America, as well as how most people turn a blind eye to issues that don’t affect them, and how important it is for those in the position to… Continue Reading →

Sheep: Third Listen

When analyzing music and placing them into different genres, it’s important to first take a step back and break down what exactly a genre even is. A musical genre is a category of music where the songs in that group… Continue Reading →

Sheep: Second Listen

In April of 2015, a man named Freddie Gray was arrested for carrying a switchblade, and received so much trauma to his spinal cord during the arrest and ride to the police station it killed him. This unjust and violent… Continue Reading →

Sheep by Mt Joy

For my Podcast, I will be examining the social protest song Sheep by Mt Joy. I’ve always been a fan of this band, but this song stands out and is substantially different than the rest of their music. The song’s… Continue Reading →

Sheep and Face Down

The first song I’m considering using for my podcast is Sheep by Mt Joy. They are an indie rock band whose music is known for its soft groove, ambient guitars, and folk-like vocals. Sheep, released in 2017, has that same… Continue Reading →

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