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“Cherry Wine” Podcast

Emma McCormick · Protest Anthem Podcast: Cherry Wine BILL WOLFF: Welcome back to Protest Anthems, the podcast about all things music, social justice, and protest. In this episode, Emma McCormick discusses Hozier’s 2014 release “Cherry Wine”. His song’s unique take… Continue Reading →

Hozier’s “Cherry Wine” Third Listen

For my last listening, I am focusing on probably the most popular aspect of Hozier’s Cherry Wine, his music videos. Hozier’s use of media through his two music videos of “Cherry Wine”, with one being from its initial release in… Continue Reading →

Hozier’s “Cherry Wine” Lineages

In Hozier’s Cherry Wine, the intense and complex issue of domestic abuse is addressed through the unique standpoint and delivery of a victim in an abusive relationship who is still emotionally connected to their abuser. Through his intimate perspective of… Continue Reading →

“Cherry Wine’s” Context and Critique

In my listening posts, I am focusing on Hozier’s “Cherry Wine”. Originally recorded in 2014 for his debut album, the song was re-released with a music video on February 12, 2016, as a charity single that donated proceeds to domestic… Continue Reading →

“Cherry Wine” by Hozier & “Till It Happens to You” by Lady Gaga

Till it Happens to You – Lady Gaga Cherry Wine – Hozier  Till It Happens to You In Lady Gag’s song, she addresses the all too common issue women face on college campuses of sexual assault and rape. In the… Continue Reading →

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