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Community and hope in times of injustice: “For My People” by Joey Bada$$

Listen to the full podcast below.   Joey Bada$$, a young Black artist from Brooklyn, NY has gained a tremendous amount of popularity and a large following throughout the last couple years. In 2017 Bada$$ released an album titled, “All… Continue Reading →

“For My People” Third Listen

When listening to a piece of music, reading and comprehending the lyrics are necessary to gain more understanding of the song. However, that is not the only element that should be taken into account when listening to a piece of… Continue Reading →

Second Listen: “For My People” by Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$’s, “For My People” does not have a direct lineage to any specific songs when it comes to the sound of the song, but he does sample the Superman Theme when it comes to the lyrics. ​The famous quote… Continue Reading →

First Listen: “FOR MY PEOPLE” by Joey Bada$$

Casey Wood “FOR MY PEOPLE” is a hip-hop and rap song written by a couple of people, including Joey Bada$$ who is the artist delivering the piece of music. Other than Joeybada$$, the writers include Daniel Seeff, Chin Injeti, Adam Pallin, Sam Barsh,… Continue Reading →

“Sweet Life” and “FOR MY PEOPLE” Proposal

“Sweet Life” by Frank Ocean (2012) “Sweet Life” was released in 2012 and written by Frank Ocean and Pharrell Williams. The R&B song focuses in on the idea of privilege and the issue that the wealthy are ignorant and “blind”… Continue Reading →

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