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The Woman: An Everyday Hero Taylor Swift’s “The Man”

Listen to the full podcast here: “You’re always going to have people going did she write her own songs talking about your personal life talking about your dating life there’s a different vocabulary for men and women in the music… Continue Reading →

Second Listen: Taylor Swift’s “The Man”

While Taylor Swift’s song “The Man” does not have any direct lineage to other songs, there are many songs that cover themes of sexism and the different treatment between men and women. One lineage I chose to explore was Dolly… Continue Reading →

First Listen: “The Man” By Taylor Swift

“The Man” by Taylor Swift was released on August 23, 2019. During this time in Swift’s career she had previously released her sixth studio album Reputation in 2018 which focused on her drama with Kim and Kanye West. Her career… Continue Reading →

Third Listen: Taylor Swift’s “The Man”

In order to fully understand a song not only do you have to analyze the lyrics but you also have to look deeper into the hidden messages, references, artist’s background, and how the audience interacts with the music. When analyzing… Continue Reading →

The Man by Taylor Swift and 99 Problems by Jay-Z Proposal

Caroline Brauckmann One song I would like to investigate is “The Man” by Taylor Swift. This song details the sexism women deal with in modern society and how they are portrayed by the media. This song may seem very straightforward… Continue Reading →

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