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Cause I’m A Man Final Podcast & Transcript- Ava Wilson

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Listening Post 3

The music video for “Cause I’m A Man” by Tame Impala successfully conveys a message that helps me understand the song better, and interpret it accordingly. The video is extremely visually stimulating, packed with small details that tell the story… Continue Reading →

Listening Post 2

Lineage Songs: “You Oughta Know” Alanis Morrisette (1995) —> “Before He Cheats” Carrie Underwood (2005) —> “If I Were a Boy” Beyonce (2008) —> “Cause I’m a Man” Tame Impala (2015) The reason that I chose these three songs to… Continue Reading →

First Listening Post- Ava W

For my song, Cause I’m a Man by Tame Impala, there are many contextual elements that contribute to the issues it is critiquing. The song was released in 2015, and it landed on the album “Currents.” Tame Impala is comprised… Continue Reading →

Ava Proposal

Song 1: Cause I’m a Man by Tame Impala This song and its psychedelic, melodic, and entrancing nature hides its clear meaning as a protest against misogyny and sexism. However, when you read the lyrics: it is a self deprecation… Continue Reading →

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