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Paramore called out the news cycle…and This is Why.

    Audio Transcript OPENING: Narration – background context and introduction [0:00] BBC News, “2022’s biggest stories…in 74 seconds” In the past few decades, the world has experienced a great amount of political issues and violence. The United States… Continue Reading →

“The News” Third Listen

Paramore – The News (Official Video) The first piece of media I will be discussing related to Paramore’s “The News” is the official music video. The music video was released on December 8th, 2022, along with the song itself, which… Continue Reading →

“The News” Second Listen

Paramore’s “The News” (2023) is not the first protest song of its kind. Many different artists and bands have also formerly written songs relating to the news, television, and mass media. I have found three rock songs released prior to… Continue Reading →

First Listen: Paramore “The News”

For this assignment, I will be focusing on the song “The News” by Paramore. The song was released in December of 2022. During this time, there were many political and environmental-related events occurring at both the national and global scale…. Continue Reading →

Protest Anthems Podcast Fall 2023 – Ally Snyder

Song #1 – Paramore, “The News” (2023) I am interested in investigating this song for the project for a few reasons. Not only is it a relatively new song that was just released this past year, but it is… Continue Reading →

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