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Guerrilla Radio: Transcript Final

Transcription (mins): 0:00-0:49 Intro: Hello, and welcome back to Protest Anthems. In this episode, Alex Gonzalez discusses the major themes of “Guerilla Radio” a song written by the band Rage Against the Machine. Rage released the song in 1999 on… Continue Reading →

First draft of podcast

Five things I like: How the audio sounds The use of my transitions The layout of my podcast The amount of information I am giving The points I am making in my podcast. Three questions: How to use a clip… Continue Reading →

“Guerrilla Radio” Lineage

Public Enemy “Power to the People” –> Rage Against the Machine “Guerrilla Radio” –> Prophets of Rage “Prophets of Rage” I think that one of the main and easiest Lineages to see includes that which includes Public Enemy, Rage Against… Continue Reading →

Fourth Listen- Guerrilla Radio

Guerrilla Radio is a song that talks about the 2000 presidential election. It makes reference to both candidates and is not as subtle about it. Rage Against the Machine is known for being upfront about their opinions about different situations…. Continue Reading →

Third Listen- Guerrilla Radio

Rage Against the Machine is a band that I feel was a part of a new sound of metal and hard rock. It introduced hip-hop elements into a metal sounding song. One example would be the song I have chosen… Continue Reading →

Guerrilla Radio – Second Listen

Guerrilla Radio was released in 1999 and had direct references to the 2000 presidential election. During my research, I was not able to find if there was any direct relation to a specific protest group or movement. However, the song… Continue Reading →

Guerrilla Radio

Rage Against the Machines song Guerrilla Radio is a song that I feel represents the meaning of a protest song. As I wrote in my first listen post the whole band encompasses protesting. The band is known for their songs… Continue Reading →

Guerrilla Radio and America

Guerilla Radio When I think of protest songs there is one band that is well known for their songs that addressed social justice issues during their time. Rage Against the Machine is a band that was able to use their… Continue Reading →

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