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Looking for America Fifth Listen

Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and Billie Holiday. These are just a few of the artist’s that are close to Lana Del Rey, literally. Del Rey has each of their names tattooed on her shoulders (Whitney & Amy on… Continue Reading →

Fourth Listen: Looking for America

Del Rey’s genre is typically considered pop, “dream pop,” or even indie, this track is more accurately described as singer/songwriter, folk, acoustic. The vocals are prominent, allowing for the lyrics to get the listener’s attention. While I struggled to find… Continue Reading →

“Looking for America” Third Listen

I consider this song to fall in the category of folk rock based on what we’ve said about folk in class. Folk music often has a simple melody, a political message, acoustic guitar (although here it’s electric, hence “folk rock”),… Continue Reading →

Second Listen: Looking for America by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey released a video to Instagram of herself singing “Looking for America” in a recording studio. The video was posted on Aug. 5, 2019, and the official single was released on Aug. 9, 2019. Del Rey wrote and… Continue Reading →

First Listen: Looking for America by Lana Del Rey

Looking for America by Lana Del Rey Description: This is a social justice song that clearly stands at opposition with pro-gun movements. Lana Del Rey sets the scene for the first two lines, then delivers a punch to the gut:… Continue Reading →

Lana Del Rey is Looking for America: The sultry sad singer proves that protest songs aren’t dead

Lana Del Rey’s “Looking for America” is a modern-day example of the kinds of Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam songs that were popular in the 60s. Artist’s like Joan Baez, the group Peter, Paul & Mary, Joni Mitchell, and even Judy… Continue Reading →

“Pay Gap” and “Looking for America”

Song #1: Pay Gap by Margo Price Description: This song is overtly about the social justice issue of wage inequality. It is no secret that women are not being paid the same as men. And while the average working woman… Continue Reading →

“Angel Down” and “Land of the Free”

Posted by: Angelique Frazier Song #1: Angel Down by Lady Gaga Description: This song goes along with the discussions we’ve been having in class about racism and the brutal and harsh realities of acts of racism. Lady Gaga wrote this… Continue Reading →

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