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DNA – Fifth Listen (Lineages)

Murder to Excellence by Kanye West and Jay Z (2011) —> Be Free by J Cole (2014) —> DNA by Kendrick Lamar (2017) —> Looking for America by Lana Del Rey (2019) For my first lineage I chose to find… Continue Reading →

DNA Third Listen

Kendrick Lamar as an artist is heavily influenced by the rap and hip hop genres. The song DNA is no exception to those rules. Google and Pitchfork both describe the song as Rap/Hip Hop. The “rap” stems from the rhythm… Continue Reading →

DNA Second Listen

I believe the social context of this song is unique and powerful because even though it is talking about the general subject of racism in America, it is also talking about Kendrick Lamar’s personal experiences. He then takes his personal… Continue Reading →

On Holiday …

The song I am going to do my podcast on is Holiday by American alternative-rock band Green Day. The song that intrigues me, other than the rock beat that I loved since I was a kid, are the lyrics. As a young… Continue Reading →

American Idiot’s Holiday

When thinking about the two possible songs that I would like to study to semester and create a podcast about, two really came to mind. I knew since my young days that Green Day had a few protest songs on… Continue Reading →

“Where is the Love” and “Waiting on the World to Change”

The two songs that I have chosen for first listen Friday are Where is the Love?, by the Black Eyed Peas and Waiting on the World to Change, by John Mayer. In 2003 the Black Eyed Peas released their song… Continue Reading →

“Zombie” final

  Intro:Bill  When we think of change, where does the conversation begin? Does change just happen overnight or is it more of a long winded process? In the case of the terrorism attacks of the Irish Republican Army, change took… Continue Reading →

Guerrilla Radio: Transcript Final

Transcription (mins): 0:00-0:49 Intro: Hello, and welcome back to Protest Anthems. In this episode, Alex Gonzalez discusses the major themes of “Guerilla Radio” a song written by the band Rage Against the Machine. Rage released the song in 1999 on… Continue Reading →

“Guerrilla Radio” Lineage

Public Enemy “Power to the People” –> Rage Against the Machine “Guerrilla Radio” –> Prophets of Rage “Prophets of Rage” I think that one of the main and easiest Lineages to see includes that which includes Public Enemy, Rage Against… Continue Reading →

“Zombie” Lineage

“Zombie” follows a lineage of family/war, it fits the theme of speaking out against terrorism and what war does to families. There have been songs that spoke out against war, like “When the Tigers Broke Free” by Pink Floyd; the… Continue Reading →

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