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“The Story of O.J.” Lineage

“The Story of O.J.” has a music lineage rooting back to songs throughout history about oppression, racism, and wealth in America. Jay-Z creates music that reflects his beliefs and opinions, and this song reflects the state of the racial wealth… Continue Reading →

“Pumped Up Kicks” Lineage

When looking into the lineage of “Pumped Up Kicks,” I searched for more songs related to gun violence specifically related to school shootings. I was not sure what I would find, as the song was not clearly written about a… Continue Reading →

“Guerrilla Radio” Lineage

Public Enemy “Power to the People” –> Rage Against the Machine “Guerrilla Radio” –> Prophets of Rage “Prophets of Rage” I think that one of the main and easiest Lineages to see includes that which includes Public Enemy, Rage Against… Continue Reading →

A Lineage with “Neighbors”

Many artists have stood up in unity with the Black Lives Matter movement through their music as protest to the injustice that has been swarming over the black community within recent years. As an artist that is no stranger to… Continue Reading →

“Paranoia” Lineage

Self Destruction, The Stop the Violence Movement (1991) → Changes, 2Pac (1998) → Mama Knows, The Game (2011) → Paranoia, Chance the Rapper (2013) Looking at this lineage of songs, they each exhibit a narrative style that reflects on the… Continue Reading →

My Mind is For Sale & Lineage

Although they are all very different in sound, there is a clear path in subject line between Johnson’s “My Mind is For Sale” and the following songs:   My Mind is For Sale – If You’re Gonna Build a Wall… Continue Reading →

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