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The Story of O.J. – Second Listen

“The Story of OJ” was written and released by Jay-Z during the summer of 2017. This was a controversial year in the United States, especially in politics. President Trump’s inauguration, police brutality, riots and protests, and a lot going on… Continue Reading →

Don’t Shoot/F Tha Police

Maggie Rawlins Listening Journal Post 1 http:/ After listening to “F the Police” by NWA, it is condemning police brutality and is an angry response to the systematic racism that black people have been facing since the beginning of… Continue Reading →

Sound of da Police and The Story of O.J.

“First Listens” / Proposals KRS-One – “Sound of da Police” I have always been interested in the United States’ criminal justice system, especially its past. Studying the past helps prepare for a better future, and getting different perspectives always helped… Continue Reading →

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