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For this listen, I’d like you to think about how the song is representative of a particular musical genre (such as, punk, folk, folk rock, etc.). Genre can be defined as “a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.” Each of your songs exists within one or more musical genres that have certain lyrical, musical, and compositional characteristics. Many artists are identified with a certain genre of music, but an individual song will borrow from multiple genres, so don’t stay within pre-determined artistic labels. Let the song speak for itself.

I’d like you to identify the genre(s) your song most connects to, the genre’s major characteristics, and how your song enacts, does not enact, and/or challenges those characteristics. Think in terms of the lyrics, the delivery, and the music (including instruments, samples, or other sound effects used), performers, subjects, geographies, and goals.

Please link to at least 3 sources of information about your song’s musical genre. Though Wikipedia has a large list of musical genres, and many of their pages are rather robust, refrain from linking to a Wikipedia page. You are, however, welcome to look to the Reference List on the pages and go to the referenced text so you can see the original discussion that is being cited there.

Sheep: Third Listen

When analyzing music and placing them into different genres, it’s important to first take a step back and break down what exactly a genre even is. A musical genre is a category of music where the songs in that group… Continue Reading →

“JUNKY” and BROCKHAMPTON Genre Bending

It would be irresponsible to assess or assign a genre to any individual Brockhampton song without having an understanding of the group’s overall design and category. The concept and frequency of genre bending or hybrid/cross genres, has become very popular… Continue Reading →

“Looking for America” Third Listen

I consider this song to fall in the category of folk rock based on what we’ve said about folk in class. Folk music often has a simple melody, a political message, acoustic guitar (although here it’s electric, hence “folk rock”),… Continue Reading →

Neo-Soul & Contemporary R&B

“I Am Not My Hair” is best categorized as neo-soul contemporary R&B. These two genres were popularized by black musicians, meant for a predominately black audience. Contemporary R&B, or just R&B, is a mixture of rhythm and blues, pop, soul,… Continue Reading →

Rockin’ Holiday

Green Day is an American punk-rock band from California. As Patrick Stump (from Fall Out Boy) describes in Green Day’s Hall of Fame introduction speech, punk-rock is “loud,” “fast,” and (as Peter Wentz said) pretty  ass, because you never go… Continue Reading →

The Man ~ Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift grew up developing her talents as a Country / Country-Pop artist. At the release of her sixth album Reputation, the artist shifted into a Pop music artist. Her song The Man is a part of this genre (Pop)… Continue Reading →

Waiting on The World to Change- Third Listen

John Mayer is a very versatile artist that sings a variety of different genres. Genres are described as “a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter”. Some of the… Continue Reading →

Run The World (Girls)

Beyonce is known for being an R&B artist and a little bit of pop/hip hop. This song somewhat challenges the genres her music usually falls under. While the song is still, in a sense, contemporary R&B and pop, it pushes… Continue Reading →

Darkness: A Third Listen

“Darkness” represents a rich tradition of lyrical rap, from a man widely considered one of its greatest living representatives. Rap music is one of the core variations of hip-hop, which has direct roots in black American musical traditions like disco,… Continue Reading →

Third Listen – “The Village”

Pinning down the genre for “The Village” is a slightly difficult task; it’s categorized as a Pop piece, but one typical understanding of Pop music (posited by is that it’s more upbeat in an attempt to appeal to a… Continue Reading →

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