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These podcasts are by students in Bill Wolff’s Spring 2019 course, Popular Music, Protest, and Social Justice. Each student chose either an overt protest song or a song about an important social justice issue that was released during their lifetime. Our goal was to create 8 – 12 minute podcasts that took an ecological approach, considering not just the lyrics and the music, but social, historical, and political factors, as well.

Don’t Shoot Podcast

:/ Hello. Welcome back to Protest Anthems, the podcast about all things music, social justice, and protest. This week, Maggie Rawlins delves into the song “Don’t Shoot,” released in 2014 by The Game, and various featured artists.  In ”Don’t Shoot,”… Continue Reading →

Mystery of Iniquity

Bill Wolff: Today, Allie Manders talks about Lauryn Hill’s 2002 effort, “Mystery of Iniquity.” Lauryn Hill is an innovative artist who began as a member of the Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, and Jazz group,The Fugees. Hill brought this mixture of genres… Continue Reading →

“Zombie” final

  Intro:Bill  When we think of change, where does the conversation begin? Does change just happen overnight or is it more of a long winded process? In the case of the terrorism attacks of the Irish Republican Army, change took… Continue Reading →

“Praying” -Final

Hello and welcome back to protest anthems, the podcast about all things music, social justice, and protests. In 2017 for the first time in over four years Kesha finally broke her silence and released a new single called “Praying.” As… Continue Reading →

Not Ready to Make Nice- Transcript

Hello. Welcome back to Protest Anthems, the podcast about all things music, social justice, and protest. In this episode, Alyssa Trybus, will be discussing the Dixie Chicks’ 2006 release “Not Ready to Make Nice”. The events leading up to writing… Continue Reading →

“Same Love” and Same-Sex Marriage

Full Transcript INTRO TO “SAME LOVE” PLAYS NEWS REPORT: “A 5-4 decision written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, total victory for the advocates of same-sex marriage.”  NEWS REPORT: “Hear the cheer in the crowd a very dramatic moment here, a 5-4… Continue Reading →

Guerrilla Radio: Transcript Final

Transcription (mins): 0:00-0:49 Intro: Hello, and welcome back to Protest Anthems. In this episode, Alex Gonzalez discusses the major themes of “Guerilla Radio” a song written by the band Rage Against the Machine. Rage released the song in 1999 on… Continue Reading →

Where Is The Love- Transcript

Podcast Transcript: This week we’re going to be talking about a newly released remake by the black eyed peas of their 2003 hit, “Where is the love”. This remake features other musicians, including Justin Timberlake, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, Usher,… Continue Reading →

The Story of O.J. – Final Transcription

[intro to “The Story of O.J.”] Shawn Corey Carter, known as Jay-Z, has been an accomplished, respected, and professional American rapper since 1994. Jay-Z has an enormous, dedicated fan-base from being one the most influential artists to begin the new… Continue Reading →

Pumped Up Kicks final

  INTRO: Hello. Welcome back to Protest Anthems, the podcast about all things music, social justice and protests. In a society plagued by violence, Mark Foster, singer and songwriter of the indie pop band Foster the People, draws our attention… Continue Reading →

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