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First Listen

For this first post, I’d like you to think about TWO possible songs that you’d like to study this semester and create a podcast about. As stated in the podcast assignment, the song must be a protest song or address a social justice issue. The songs must have been released within your lifetime. The song can be an older song that has been covered by another artist or it can be a new song.

I’d like you to discuss each of the TWO possible songs through the lens of four listening experiences: first, how you respond to the music alone; second, how you respond to the lyrics alone; third, how you respond to the singer’s delivery alone. And, What is your overall understanding of the song? Link to or embed the versions of the song you’re listening to. Include a description of what the song was written in response to. And add few thoughts about why you are considering that song for the podcast, what you think it offers you, and what concerns you have.

Before you post, make sure you add relevant tags and select the “First Listen” category, which will ensure it appears below.

Don’t Touch My Hair – First Audio

So far, I’ve had an interesting process with my podcast. Writing it took some time, but overall I enjoyed the process. Finding interesting and relevant clips were also something I really enjoyed. Recording the podcast was a little more difficult…. Continue Reading →

Don’t Shoot Lineage

The song my podcast is centered around “Don’t Shoot” by The Game and various featured hip hop artist sheds light on the themes of racism, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement.  The following three songs all have these… Continue Reading →

Don’t Shoot/F Tha Police

Maggie Rawlins Listening Journal Post 1 http:/ After listening to “F the Police” by NWA, it is condemning police brutality and is an angry response to the systematic racism that black people have been facing since the beginning of… Continue Reading →

Sound of da Police and The Story of O.J.

“First Listens” / Proposals KRS-One – “Sound of da Police” I have always been interested in the United States’ criminal justice system, especially its past. Studying the past helps prepare for a better future, and getting different perspectives always helped… Continue Reading →

Paranoia & American Idiot

“Paranoia” by Chance the Rapper (2013) I had first heard this song in my junior year of high school around 2013. I originally thought that Chance the Rapper was describing his relationship with paranoia. I was not familiar with him… Continue Reading →

I’m Not Racist to Now

When I was thinking of what songs I would choose for this assignment, I didn’t know what songs were written in response to social movements. I wanted to focus on issues that mattered to me because I watched the movement… Continue Reading →

Just a Girl & Psycho

Just a Girl / No Doubt (1995) This song resonated with me as a strong, feminist anthem. The lyrics describe Gwen Stefani’s perspective living as a woman in society, as well as growing up with strict parents. The way Gwen/No… Continue Reading →

“Paper Planes” & “Born this Way”

When I first started this course I wasn’t sure what songs “Protest and Social Justice” would entail. I never realized how many songs have messages about various social injustices and how people listen to them. When I was younger my… Continue Reading →

“Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Tiny Hands”

“Don’t Touch My Hair” by Solange ft. Sampha is a calm sounding song, but with a stern request and addressing of a social justice issue. The music itself is predominantly made up of simple beats. Trumpets and horns play and… Continue Reading →

Guerrilla Radio and America

Guerilla Radio When I think of protest songs there is one band that is well known for their songs that addressed social justice issues during their time. Rage Against the Machine is a band that was able to use their… Continue Reading →

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